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News and Discussion of the FairTax
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    (This entry originally posted May 25, 2005 at The argument is more for tax simplification and the immorality of taxing to encourage/discourage certain behaviors than the FairTax, but I thought it might be good to post anyway. It can equally be used against exempting certain items from the FairTax, in favor of using the [...]

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    Many people view sales taxes as a “regressive” form of taxation and have conerns about its impact on the poor and middle class. Fortunately, these issues have been thought through very carefully by the creators of the FairTax plan. Still, it’s often useful to read an independent analysis of the same issues, to see what [...]

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    I was out of town when it was originally posted, and just now caught this gem from Neal’s Nuze on September 28th: Last night as I pulled into a parking lot outside of Turner Field (the home of the Division Champion Atlanta Braves!) the parking lot attendant told me “It looks like Katrina and Rita [...]

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    Below is an incisive article by Newt Gingrich and Peter Ferrara that appeared a couple weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal. The article provides plenty of empirical evidence for the following take-home-message: The methodologies used by analysts across the federal government to score the impact of legislation still do not take into account the [...]

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    Today brings disappointing news from the President’s so-called Tax Reform Panel. Here’s the scoop, via today’s Nuze: The president’s so-called tax reform commission telegraphed its intentions several months ago when members stated that they were not going to recommend a full reform of our federal tax system, rather they were going to recommend some incremental [...]

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    Writing for the free-market Ludwig von Mises Institute, Laurence Vance can’t find enough bad things to say about the FairTax Book. As far as I can tell, his basic gripe is that the FairTax won’t roll us back to the size of federal government that existed before the industrial revolution took place. The antidote to [...]

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  • 01/18/06--06:33: The BOINC Challenge
  • Let’s have some fun and play with science. The FairTaxScorecard issues a challenge to all online Fair Tax Supporters to unite and show our strength while supporting scientific research with distributed computing resources. The term Distributed Computing can be applied to many applications, including server farms and the world wide web. Distributed computing is any [...]

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    In the news recently, and in Congress, discussion has focused upon how the AMT’s net is widening, and the looming “crisis” when it spreads. There’s expected to be an enormous (4x or more) increase in the numbers of taxpayers subject to the AMT in the next year, and the ramifications of this will be brutal [...]

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  • 04/03/06--09:12: Immigration and the FairTax
  • From reader Earl Foreman: I would like to see or hear some comment on the immigration issues that are currently in the news. It seems to me the issue of illegal immigration might be eased by FairTax. First off, I would like to say that it is not right people should live here illegally, but [...]

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  • 01/21/10--06:15: Global Taxation
  • Let’s count the taxation ways – Sales taxes, School taxes, Property taxes, Village taxes, County taxes, State taxes, Federal taxes, fee taxes, etc. I think there is a song for this. And now Global taxation: The U.N.’s World Health Organization is Eyeing Global Tax on Banking, Internet Activity, etc. The World Health Organization (WHO) is [...]